case, battery and wireless charging all in one

It is one of the most important and pioneer brands in iPhone battery cases, and with its Juice Pack Air model for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus they have gone further and Not only do they help protect our iPhone and increase its autonomy thanks to its integrated battery, but they add one of the possible novelties that iPhone 8 will bring: wireless charging. An all-in-one that, in addition to allowing you to squeeze your iPhone even more in a day of intense use, offers you the convenience of being able to recharge it by induction charging thanks to its magnetic desk and car stands.

They are the classic Mophie battery case, with a thickness adjusted to the maximum but with a battery inside 2,525mAh in the case of the model for iPhone 7, and 2420mAh in the case of the model for iPhone 7 Plus. They are available in 5 colors, and of course they have finishes in line with those of your iPhone. But in addition to these features, and more than known Mophie cases, now include the novelty of adding to your iPhone the possibility of charging by induction, supporting the Qi standard. You have wireless charging bases for desk, a desk stand and another to attach it to the car's ventilation grill, supports to which your iPhone with the Mophie case will be magnetically fixed.

These cargo bags from Mophie can be purchased on their official website, and now You can also find them in physical stores such as Mediamarkt with a recommended price of € 99.95. These new models are not yet available on Amazon Spain, but we don't think they will be long in coming. The price of the charging bases is € 39.95 for the desktop base and € 59.95 for the desk stand and the grid support, although if you buy on its website together with the case you will save € 10.

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