Choetech T513-S wireless charger

It is one of the best known Chinese firms in terms of accessories for Apple devices and in this case we have a charger 10W fast wireless, which they say in Choetech offers us a speed of 1.5 times faster than any normal wireless charger.

Its design is really beautiful and compact, which allows us to use it anywhere. The charging base is completely flat and could be added perfectly in some hole of our car to charge the iPhone while driving. This and other skills of This Choetech T513-S wireless charger, This is what we are going to show next.

Design and manufacturing materials

The good thing about Choetech is that both the materials used for the manufacture of its accessories and the design of these are really good. All of it is not at odds with the price, price that we will see at the end of this little review.

Its main virtue is that it perfectly combines quality plastic with a small metal ring (or at least it seems) that surrounds the side of the charger, this gives a really nice touch. It also adds an LED light that will turn green when the iPhone is charging and the moment we remove it the light will be off so as not to disturb. In the upper part it also has a rubber so that our iPhone does not slip and

Choetech charging base dimensions

This is quite important for many users and in this case it is about a really compact base which offers us many possibilities of use. As I say at the beginning it could be used directly to add in the central console of our car, for the bedside table or to place on a work desk.

  • The length is 11cm
  • The width is 7cm
  • Its thickness is 1 cm
  • And it has a weight of 0.7 g

The charging base has 3 Integrated coils have a much wider loading area, which allows us to place the iPhone in any position to be charged. Obviously always flat horizontally. It is also important to note that this base complies with all the necessary regulations and certifications to protect our device against possible overloads, overheating, overvoltage or short circuits: CE, CE and RoHS certificates.

In this sense, the important thing about this charger is that it supports fast charging but it will obviously be conditioned to the wall adapter we use, the manufacturer advises QC 2.0 / 3.0 / 4.0 7.5W adapter to perform the fast charging that is promised and logically designed for any device that supports Qi charging.

Editor's Opinion

The good thing about this base is that it offers us the possibility of charging the iPhone in a slightly faster way, but in reality during the use that I personally give to the base it is also not that this extra speed is noticed too much, partly because of of the wall adapter I imagine since it is the iPhone. When I use it with the iPad wall adapter I do have the feeling that it is somewhat faster in charging so it is always good to have the option if we are thinking of buying a wireless charging base like this one from Choetech.

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€ 19.99

  • Choetech T513-S wireless charger
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  • Design, materials and size
  • Loading speed
  • Balance between quality price

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