ColorWave allows us to customize the color of our AirPods among 58 varieties

If you bought the AirPods, you probably would have preferred that were available in some other color than the typical white color of Apple headphones. On previous occasions we have shown you different concepts offered by the AirPods in a Jet Black finish, a color that has triumphed among many users despite the criticism that initially received for its possible delicacy to friction or scratches. But if we have not yet bought them, that seeing the current availability is very likely, we can acquire them directly from the company ColorWave, who has just announced the AirPods personalization service through Twitter, a customization that allows us to select between 58 different colors .

On the website of the ColorWave company we can choose between 58 different colors. It is not necessary that the two AirPods have the same color, but we can select so that each one has a different color. In addition we can also select if we want the finish to be glossy with the Jet Black model or in a dull finish such as Mate. Among the colors available we can choose from a wide variety of reds, oranges, greens, blues, pinks and grays, and we also have the option of selecting between solid or metallic colors.

Also also it allows us the possibility of painting the box where the AirPods are loaded, in the same color or different from that of the AirPods. The price of this process is $ 289, and logically for that price includes the AirPods. If we want the loading dock to be painted too, we will have to pay 30 dollars more, raising the total amount to be paid up to 309 dollars, an excessive price that I do not think that all lovers of customization are willing to pay. At the moment on the web there is no possibility to send our AirPods for the painting process, but it is likely that over time it will be.

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