Dalaran hit is the new single-player Hearthstone adventure

The most important card game in the App Store just received a new update, Hearthstone premieres the single-player hit Dalaran adventure. Recall that we are in the middle of the biggest expansion of the game and The Rise of Shadows promises unique adventures over the next few months.

As Blizzard has just made official on its website, the new expansion The Shadow Boom will receive its first single-player adventure entitled Dalaran Strike next Thursday, May 16. Is about one of the most ambitious adventures to date And being paid is the first payment adventure since A Night in Karazhan that was launched in August 2016.

Dalaran blow hit Hearthstone very soon

The new popular adventure Blizzard card game arrive by a price of 20 euros or 700 gold, the official currency of the game, and we can unlock five wings. The first, which is free, and the second part will be available from next Thursday, and the rest will be released every week.

The coup in Dalaran is an adventure where we will embody one of the nine minions of the League of Evil the evil organization that wants to end Dalaran, remember that you are now one of the bad guys. Also, if you register your event at FiresideGatherings.com From now until May 16, 2019 you can get a support kit compound:

  • 1 free pass that grants access to all the Wings of Dalaran as they are unlocked.
  • 10 collectible pins of the League of EVIL so you can show your unconditional loyalty.
  • 2 sets of special coasters from the MAL League.

In addition to all this the rewards have also been announced, you can get three envelopes for each wing completed, acquiring a total of 15. Hurry up to get your support kit and count what more surprises await you at Blow in Dalaran, the new Hearthstone adventure.