Details of the HomePod, Apple's speaker, are revealed

We are still far from the launch of HomePod, Apple's latest product to join its catalog but will not arrive until December (later in Spain), but we already know some details of it thanks to the analysis of the firmware code that Apple has already revealed.

Details on the upper touch surface, accessibility and an operating system based on iOS are some of the details revealed by Troughton-Smith, a well-known developer who has already cracked the iOS code on other occasions.

After many months rumored about the launch of an intelligent speaker that would compete with Amazon Echo with Alexa or Google Home, devices that are not yet available in Espoaña for purchase, Apple revealed in the last WWDC 2017 its commitment to smart speakers: the HomePod. A loudspeaker with a superior sound quality that would adapt to the room and place where you are and that of course will integrate Siri to be able to control it through our voice. Without further details, Apple summoned us to December to acquire it in the United States for $ 349 in two colors, black and white.

The HomePod firmware, analyzed by Troughton-Smith, reveals that it is a system that is basically iOS but adapted to a device without a screen, and in which it has a main application called “Soundboard”, comparable to the Springboard (desktop) of the iPhone and iPad. Accessibility options such as VoiceOver will not be missing in this version of iOS. The upper part is a screen where we can see the animation of Siri and it will be tactile, being able to control the volume of the device or invoke Siri by holding down the surface. What it seems is that the current firmware does not allow the installation of third-party applications or extensions, at least for now.

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