"Do not disturb driving" mode reduces the use of the iPhone behind the wheel

One of the novelties that came from the hand of iOS 11, and that is related to the Control Center, we find it in the function Do not disturb while driving, a function that prevents us from using the phone while we are driving, since it is responsible for not notifying us of the messages, calls or notifications that we can drive while we are behind the wheel.

Thus, the risk of having an accident is reduced While answering, answering a call, checking the next appointment on our calendar … This function can be activated manually, automatically when it detects the movement of the vehicle or automatically when we connect to the car's Bluetooth.

In addition, to prevent people from misinterpreting why we answer or because we hang up the call, we can configure this function so that Send a message automatically to the sender You are trying to contact us. This function, like the Do not disturb function, allows us to configure who we want to respond automatically with the message that we have previously configured. If before that message we receive another one that includes the urgent word, the contact can call us by skipping the Do not disturb the steering wheel block.

According to the EverQuote insurer, 92% of the users behind the wheel make use of the mobile phone for an average of 88 seconds during an average journey of 21 minutes. According to this insurer, most of its clients adopted this new function, a function that Today it is used by 80% of users. 27% of users who started using it, deactivated it shortly after activating it.

Among all those who have maintained the habit, thanks to this new function, have managed to reduce the use of the phone by 8%Although it is not a significant reduction, it is a good sign that the Do Not Disturb at the wheel function is a very good idea to make users aware that using the phone while driving is a very bad idea.

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