Does the iPhone XS open applications faster than the Galaxy Note 9?

Rivalry is served, by Samsung Galaxy Note 9 He was born a competitor born at the level of size and functionalities (smart pencil through). However, there will always be a strange doubt about the comparative performance between Android and iOS, a comparative that makes less and less sense, not only because they are antagonistic operating systems, but because both in good circumstances are presumed to be spectacular performance.

Be that as it may, you like comparatives. In this case we will see the results when opening applications between the iPhone XS Max and the Galaxy Note 9, which will be faster? Do not miss it.

On this occasion the comparison has been carried out by PhoneBuff, an interesting YouTube channel. We have had the Galaxy Note 9 in our hands for a couple of weeks to make comparisons, in fact you will soon see how to measure an iPhone X. However, in this analysis that seems to have been done with great care, the iPhone X ends up getting more interesting results than those offered by the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Does this mean that the iPhone XS Max is faster than the Galaxy Note 9? I honestly think not.

These tests where the difference is so small do not help us but to get an idea of ​​how close Android is to iOS in recent years, even more so in a terminal that is over a thousand euros as it happens with the Galaxy Note 9. In short, enjoy watching the comparison, but the iPhone XS Max has nothing to envy the Galaxy Note 9, or vice versa, both devices (which we have tested) show simply spectacular performance, in their own way. You like Android or you like iOS, enjoy the operating system you have chosen and above all, get all the juice.

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