Don't you hear the notifications of iMessage? This may happen to you.

I've never used much iMessage, really. It is, like most Apple services and apps, something that I know is there and that, from time to time, solves it. But in no case is it the main app or service I use.

When I removed WhatsApp, years ago, I had an uptick in the use of iMessage. But I stopped using it, in favor of Telegram and Facebook Messenger (which, now, I don't use either) for a problem I remembered having always had, but that had not been so annoying because I did not use iMessage with that intensity.

The problem is that iMessage notifications are not notified to me. They neither sound, nor vibrate, nor illuminate the screen. As Apple's technical support told me today: "It's something very strange", because the notification itself, if it reaches the iPhone. It appears on the locked screen, but neither lights nor warns in any way. I see the notification when I pick up the iPhone for any other reason.

I checked everything that a more or less skilled user would check. Notifications activated, sound activated (and with a sound set for Messages), Do not Disturb off, etc. Further, the rest of notifications work perfectly. Even Apple's other services such as Telephone, FaceTime, Reminders, Alarms, etc.

After all these checks, nothing. I still couldn't get the notifications of iMessage notified to me. And I talked to Apple, years ago (I estimate two years and two months ago), for the first time. Of course, after checking again what I had already done, they sent me to the aid: "Update your iPhone", "Restore", "Now, restore from iTunes", etc.

You will know that, restoring an iPhone, even if you do not lose anything (which seems to be what most worries those of the Technical Service), is not pleasant, comfortable or fast. Much less if you have an Apple Watch. Y I decided not to restore the iPhone for the umpteenth time. "It will be resolved," I said to myself.

But today, after the Telegram nightfall, the iMessage has been reaching the iPhone without stopping. And they didn't sound! And I decided to call, once again, after years of ignoring the problem, Apple Support.

The questions and solutions they gave me were the same as years ago. And I refused to treat them to restore my iPhone. It was clear that this is not the problem.

Apple, in an unexpected turn of events, put me on the phone with SUPERIOR Technical Support. A man (maybe a "boy"), very nice, has begun to ask the right questions.

Y We have concluded that the only factor common to all facts is my Apple Watch. I have changed iPhone, but not Apple Watch. Of course, even if it is "superior", his great proposal to resolve the issue once and for all was to restore the iPhone and NOT match the Apple Watch.

Said and not done. Directly I went to the Apple Watch settings in the Watch app. Where it says "Notifications," in "Messages," I changed "Duplicate iPhone" to "Custom." Ready. Solved. Almost three years to receive an iMessage notification.

This bug is interesting for several reasons. The first is that it has not been solved with the different updates of iOS and watchOS. But, it’s also interesting because Apple completely ignores it (I have already explained what I have done), although I am not the first to consult for the same reason as we see on the Apple Support website.

It is also curious that, as "Duplicate iPhone" is the default option, It is not a bug that is solved when restoring. Moreover, if at some point we restored and changed it, it will happen again (now, we already know).

I only have my first generation Apple Watch as an experience, but I think It is not a very frequent bug because after 4 versions of watchOS they would have solved it.

Tell me if it happens to you too! And hopefully they will solve it, although they accumulate the work for watchOS 5, since they still do not solve the Apple Watch frozen with the apple.

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