eBay launch an update with many new features

Most of you know eBay, it was born as a buy-sell portal through auctions that over time and thanks to its alliance with PayPal has become one of the most important online stores. However, the influx of counterfeit products or illegitimate sellers has increased the confusion of users who are opting for other platforms with similar prices such as Amazon. Similarly, eBay is usually a regular gadget store for users like us, and that's why constantly update your application to offer better services, as is the case with this last occasion.

The update will be released throughout today, or tomorrow. Honestly, the eBay application is one of those that you do not explain as having a company so much behind, it can be so inefficient. The application does not have many of the functions of the website, as it happens with PayPal, and they are introducing these characteristics to droppers, of extremely slow form, making the application practically unusable for anything that is not to buy something quickly and little relevant.

The update has slightly updated the user interface, adding lower buttons that will finally allow us to get rid of the sidebar, totally obsolete. These buttons and the other implementations have also allowed the application to be lighter and navigate with a more constant speed than before the update. Not only will iOS arrive, this application is also available for Android, so you will receive your corresponding update as it could not be otherwise. We hope that eBay Mobile will finally become an application to consider, improving a user experience that was getting really annoying. Totally free, we will find it in the App Store and has no integrated purchases.

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