Fed up with Apple and its double standards in the App Store

Those who read us regularly, know that we not only like to inform, to transmit in a cold way. We often like to interact with you, create teaching articles (tutorials) and even opinion (as is the case). Because not everything is as beautiful as Tim Cook wants to paint it in the Apple and iOS universe. While it is true that the mobile operating system has suffered one of its most enlightened and open times, not everything was going to shine, the Tim Cook era is having its shadows too, the operating system goes uphill after going through its worst version, However, something that seems to go from bad to worse is the App Store. Not only The quantity has been increased absurdly, but the quality has been drastically reduced.

If to the increase of applications of very low quality, we add that Apple does and undoes freely in the App Store, the result is fatal. It is absolutely true that the success of the App Store has always been due to the fact that to publish in it, you must comply with a series of security rules and requirements, which Apple employees have verified. However, the number of applications is increasing, the staff seems to be no longer enough, the current elasticity of the operating system has allowed birth a new niche of applications that were previously unthinkable, which is giving Apple a job, which it seems unable to bear.

Since the arrival of iOS 8, it is almost monthly the fact that "illegal" and unethical applications are straining gradually without anyone putting any impediment. However, its rapid disappearance and elimination suggests that there really is a team behind. Quality control, seems less and less intensive, and it is not uncommon to see sneak between payment successes, applications that should never have reached the App Store, because they are a real fraud.

The “System and Security Info” case against “Location for WhatsApp”

We receive the news again, that Apple's censorship has acted relentlessly. The App Store code of good practice is almost infinite, in fact, I venture to say that there are homelands whose Civil Code is less extensive. A famous hacker, placed in the App Store an application called “System and Security Info“, Which quickly allowed us to know the jailbreak status of our phone, as well as knowing if we had malware in the database. After a few days, in fact yesterday, Apple decided to drop its deck of discord about the application, erasing both the application and the slightest trace of it from the App Store, but … Where are the limits?

The limits are set by Apple, we now travel to the “Payment Successes” section in the iOS App Store for iPhone. It's almost insulting, find “Location for WhatsApp“, An application that promises to locate any of our WhatsApp contacts via GPS easily, a practice that not only touches the illegal, but clearly exceeds the moral. Thus, the application, as it is a scam, receives a barrage of negative reviews, before which Apple is doing absolutely nothing. Apple does not care if the application is good, if the application is bad, or is regular, just know that it is a success in sales. For those avid buyers, they will fall into the trap. I usually read the App Store reviews before buying an app, in fact, I know that Apple returns the money in this type of situation.

Why Apple? Why do you delete “System and Security Info” and allow “Location for WhatsApp” to exist? Is it because one application is generating income and the other is not? Everything indicates that the App Store is losing quality unstoppably, and they have no plans to do anything to remedy it.

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