Fiber at 50 Mbps more fixed for 14.90 euros per month with Movistar

From time to time, operators launch temporary offers to attract new customers. In the Spanish market, we have at our disposal a large number of suppliers, that although in the last years they have been grouping, the majority of them continue offering offers of independent form.

If you have been thinking about changing your Internet provider for a while, the offer that Movistar has launched may be of interest, since for only 32.30 euros per month, during the first year, it offers us Internet with 50 Mbps fiber, 50 minutes of calls from landline to mobile and unlimited calls from landline to landline.

Do you want to save on your phone bill?

Take advantage of this offer and get 50 Mb of Movistar fiber with free landline calls and 550 minutes to mobiles for free for only € 14.90 per month.

I want to save on the phone bill

This rate is ideal for all those who only need an Internet connection at home, without many pretensions, without television and who also continue to use the landline almost daily. The offer offered by Movistar, whose minimum stay is 12 months, period that lasts the offer it offers, It allows us to save 25 euros a month for a whole year, so once the promotion ends, we can save 300 euros and look for a more advantageous offer.

Promotion Details

  • Permanence: 12 months
  • Price during the first 12 months: 32.30 euros per month (line fee included)
  • Internet speed: 50 Mb down and 5 up
  • Unlimited calls to national landlines
  • 50 minutes of calls to mobile phones.

The usual price of this rate in Movistar is 57.40 euros including VAT and line fee, but for a few days, it allows us hire this same rate for only € 14.90 per month (32,30 euros with the line fee already included). The price of a similar rate in other operators, although with much faster Internet speed varies between the 52 euros of Vodafone, going through the 6th euros that Jazztel offers us and reaching up to 65 euros that Vodafone offers us again, that if , with speeds ranging from 150 Mb symmetric Jazztel to 1 Gb symmetric that Vodafone offers us.

Take advantage of Movistar's offer

If you want take advantage of this excellent offer that Movistar puts at our disposal For a limited time, you just have to visit the following link to check the details of the offer it offers and if it really fits our fixed Internet + needs.

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