FIFA 19 Companion comes to iOS, prepare your Ultimate Team

Electronic Arts is in the habit of launching FIFA's web and mobile applications prior to the official arrival of FIFA, so users can start preparing the equipment so that when the time comes there is nothing more than enjoying all the content we already have in our hands FIFA 19 Companion is now available in the iOS App Store so you can prepare your Ultimate Team equipment, leave absolutely nothing to chance. Let's take a closer look at what's new in the FIFA 19 Companion App update and why you should download it.

The application was launched throughout this week in the form of an update, that is, if you already had the FIFA 18 Companion you just have to go to the iOS App Store and update the application to take advantage of all the features present on this occasion in FIFA 19. In addition, you will be receiving certain rewards for each day you log in, as is the case with the FIFA Web App 19. This is undoubtedly the best mechanism to open courtesy envelopes or invest your FIFA 19 coins while that the PC version has already been released despite the fact that the PS4 version will not work until next Friday.

Hello FIFA fans! The complementary FIFA application has been updated for FIFA 19, including:• Redeeming Rewards for FUT Champions, Division Rivals and Squad Battles• Different article views, similar to the console experience• Search the Transferable Market directly from a DCP• Search the Transferable Market directly from your active Template

Just in case I am loading the controls. The application weighs only 88.1 MB and is completely free beyond what you want to invest when they open the currency market (if they do). So it's time to download it to see how our new FIFA Ultimate Team kits perform.

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