Fitbit pag for Pebble much less than we thought

When in December we told you how Pebble had been acquired by Fitbit for about 40 million dollars, we already considered that the figure was low for a company that had been among the first to achieve special relevance in the world of smartwatches. Pebble was not only one of the first smartwatches to have a real impact on the whole world, but it was also done with a large community of followers who worked hard for the platform to advance until it was one of the most important brands in the segment. PThose 40 million estimated to have remained at just 23 million dollars, just over half of the original amount, as Fitbit has confirmed in its economic report.

Although the figures at those levels can be impressive, the reality is that those 23 million dollars seem like a real “calderilla” for a company like Pebble, known throughout the world, if we consider that Fitbit paid 15 million for another smartphone manufacturer called Vector Watch, which virtually nobody knows. Worse, Pebble got virtually those $ 23 million in his two crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter. It seems to be confirmed that Pebble's financial situation was more than tight and that caused him to accept virtually any offer for its acquisition.

Fitbit's situation is not better, and its 2016 figures are not encouraging. Despite the fact that revenues throughout 2016 increased compared to 2015 ($ 1,860 million in 2015 and $ 2,170 million in 2016), The increase in expenses has led to a net profit of 175 million dollars in 2015 to a loss of 102 million dollars in 2016. We will see if these recent acquisitions help you launch a groundbreaking product that brings you back to positive figures or becomes another victim of the complicated smartwatches market.

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