Foxconn works in glass cases and for the iPhone of 2017

In the midst of so many rumors about the iPhone 7, it seems that rumors about the iPhone will start circulating again tenth anniversary iPhone. This iPhone will be presented in 2017 and rumors say that Apple intends to launch a device with a groundbreaking design, which is one of the reasons why the iPhone 7 will almost be traced to the 2014-2015 iPhone. Next year's iPhone is expected to have a glass case and the latest rumor ensures that Foxconn He is already working on it.

As we can read in Nikkei, a medium that is usually quite accurate in its predictions, the Taiwanese manufacturer is developing glass housings and, which may interest more users, OLED screens for smartphones in an attempt to get the attention of those of Cupertino and secure orders from the mentioned tenth anniversary iPhone.

Foxconn starts working for the iPhone of 2017

According to Nikkei, Foxconn has already been developing glass cases for at least a year. In the OLED screen market, it is less time and has only focused on this type of screen from the moment it was purchased Sharp. In this sense, Foxconn would have to fight with other manufacturers, such as Samsung, Biel Crystal and Lens Technology. Samsung is the company that can offer greater guarantees, but it is well known that Apple does not like to depend on a company, but to diversify orders.

According to the latest rumors, the iPhone 7 will include important news inside, as an improved camera – being that of the Plus model with two lenses – better processor and RAM, digital sound, two speakers and a pressure-sensitive start button. If so, the most important point of the tenth anniversary iPhone would be in its design and on an OLED screen that we remember offering greater autonomy if used in black tones.

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<p>On the other hand, and although this could also be part of the design changes, there have been rumors circulating that Apple will end up implementing the <strong>Touch ID on the iPhone screen</strong>, so the 2017 iPhone could see how the margins disappear to give rise to a device similar to what you can see in the previous image. The bad thing about all this information is that it always makes us wait, in this case a little more than 12 months, to be able to confirm or deny it. Will Apple hit the table with the design of the tenth anniversary iPhone?</p>
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