France, Germany and Japan will be the next passes to receive the HomePod

Since its arrival on the market, the HomePod is only available in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia. Many are the users who have chosen to take advantage of a trip to the United States or United Kingdom to get the HomePod before they arrive in Spain, an arrival that at the moment does not seem to be imminent.

And I say that it does not seem imminent, because in the document that has leaked for a few hours on the Apple website, it is indicated that the HomePod is compatible with English, Japanese, French and German, which suggests that the HomePod could be at Point of make its appearance in Japan, France and Germany.

Apple announced a few months ago that the next countries that will receive the HomePod would be France and Germany, countries that would arrive in spring, that is before June 21. However, Japan was not among those countries, so it could imply that it will be launched shortly in these three countries together, being the first international expansion of HomePod thus expanding the number of countries in which it is available both in the language of the country and officially for sale.

However, publication 9to5Mac states that this document it's actually some kind of administrative error, since the document appears as a download in the database, although no firmware update has been released in recent weeks, an update needed to select the new languages ​​that would allow us to interact with Siri.

Also, if you look at the image above, where the languages ​​supported by the HomePod are shown, at the bottom, we can see how el English language is shown twice, so all at that point to what the medium claims 9to5Mac.

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