G4 Pro Gimbal, a stabilizer for your iPhone that does not disappoint

Something we liked to show off to all iPhone owners – yes, everyone – is to have a device that does not need to have a scandal specifications to capture really good images and video. It is true that improvements in the camera section are always welcome, but the average user does not want to hear about how this model includes three hundred million megapixels on your camera He simply wants the photos he makes to look great.

It is for this reason that more and more people decide to do without their compact camera and carry only the iPhone on your trips or excursions, saving space and obtaining in return a reduction in quality that may be imperceptible in the eyes of non-professional people. And it is also the consequence that more and more vloggers and video lovers use the iPhone as an almost professional instrument.

Although of course, much of the blame for this is the accessories like the G4 Pro Gimbal. Under this name he hides a three-axis stabilizer that will make any shot we capture with the iPhone attached to it look simply spectacular. Thanks to its different recording modes, it will allow us to make videos extremely fluid, without any interruption in the movement.

Being an accessory focused on a semi-professional audience, the price reflects it, this being 379.95 euros. Even so, it will be a purchase that does not disappoint for all those who want to give their videos extraordinary quality. As the only downside and because it is a point to improve, the truth is that we would like your power to be via battery, instead of rechargeable batteries (although it is not necessary to remove these from the device to charge it). You can buy it directly from the Apple Store online.

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