Gecko Keyboard Folio, a versatile keyboard case for iPad 2017 and 2018

Apple does not stop us from repeating that the iPad is the computer of the future, but for this it is essential a physical keyboard that allows you to work with it comfortably. Its autonomy and portability make it perfect for “en route” work And a good keyboard case becomes your best travel companion.

Gecko offers us its Keyboard Folio keyboard case, an accessory that will allow you to write with your iPad just like you do with your laptop, with a keyboard of more than adequate size to be able to type comfortably, which will protect your tablet and that you can also separate from the iPad quickly and comfortably thanks to its magnetic anchors.

Versatile and comfortable

The case consists of two pieces that can be separated and held together by magnets. A rigid case for the iPad, which fits perfectly with the iPad 2017 and iPad 2018, and the case itself, with the back and front cover, in which the keyboard is embedded. This way if at any time you want to use your iPad to be able to use it without having to endure the whole case, for example to play, you can do it without having to disengage the iPad, just by separating the case from its case. The iPad will remain protected and you can use it without having to drag the whole set that weighs 920 grams. The automatic ignition function is not missing when opening the cover of the case.

The keyboard connection is Bluetooth, and is made in a few seconds after pressing the link button that has the case, next to the power off button that will allow you to save battery during periods when you do not use the keyboard. The manufacturer does not specify the battery life, which is recharged using an included microUSB cable, but I can say that after a week of use (not intensive) I have not yet had to recharge it, so it will be more than enough for normal use during a full work day.

Waterproof keyboard

The keyboard has a key size similar to that of any normal keyboard, slightly smaller, but it is quite comfortable to type and also the touch is very similar to notebook keyboards. Yes, does not have the provision of the Spanish keyboard, which can be inconvenient for some. If you configure the keyboard as Spanish in the iPad settings it will write the Ñ, but you don't have the dedicated Ñ key on the physical keyboard. It is a minor inconvenience but must be taken into account.

Nor does it have a backlight, another detail that some users look for in this type of keyboard, but that affects their autonomy, so while some consider it an advantage others prefer to do without it. The keys include controls for volume, playback and even for cutting, pasting and the start button, so you won't need to touch your iPad screen practically at all if you use this keyboard.

The feeling when you wear this Gecko keyboard case is solid, very robust and with a very nice touch but at the same time it has a tough exterior that will withstand daily use without problems. With the cover on, you can access its buttons and Lightning connector, not so to the camera, although if you separate the card from the case you will have the possibility to capture photos without problems. The keyboard is also waterproof, so you can work without fear of any liquid falling on it.

Editor's Opinion

The Gecko keyboard case seems perfect for those who need protection at the same time and a physical keyboard on which you can write comfortably for long periods. The possibility of separating the case from the rest of the keyboard case is ideal to use the iPad with games or to take pictures. With more than enough autonomy for long days of work, the only drawback I find is not having the provision of keys in Spanish, something that for many is totally expendable but that others can see as an important disadvantage. The quality of materials and water resistance make a difference with other models, and with a price of € 62 on Amazon is one of the options with a value for money more attractive today.

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€ 62

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  • Finishes and materials
  • Removable
  • Valid for iPad 2017 and 2018
  • Waterproof


  • Keyboard without provision in Spanish
  • Not backlit

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