Get the Koogeek HomeKit switches with up to 33% off

Koogeek continues to offer us significant discounts on its HomeKit compatible accessories, with discounts as important as up to 33% on each product. This week is the turn of its switches that allow you to control all the lights in your room via Siri or from your iPhone.

Automations, remote access and control all the bulbs of a room with a single accessory, these are some of the virtues of these Koogeek switches. Thinking about changing all the lighting in the living room or bedroom but are too many light bulbs? By changing the switch you will get much cheaper, and even more with the codes we offer below.

The Koogeek switch is easily installed with the only requirement of having a neutral cable, something that is very easy to add if your installation does not include it. If you want to know more details about the installation of the switch you can take a look at our review in which we show you how it is installed and works. (link). Like all Koogeek accessories, it connects to the 2.4GHz WiFi network, and has an advantage over light bulbs: if the house light goes out it does not stay on when it comes back. Important: it does not work as a switch. Its price is € 39.99 but with the code DLKOLYCT stays at € 26.66 on Amazon (link)

The other accessory is a regulator switch, of course also compatible with HomeKit, and that in addition to turning on and off lights will allow you to regulate its intensity. It is compatible with incandescent lamps up to 200W, it is also suitable for dimmable LED lamps or dimmable CFL lamps up to 200W. The technical requirements are the same as with the switch. Its usual price is € 46.99 but with the code H8XS56UE stays at € 34.84 on Amazon (link). Offers are limited to 100 units per product and are valid until September 27.

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