Google pays Apple 9,000 million for being its search engine

You know that when we use Safari on any device of the Cupertino company such as the iPhone, iPad and of course Mac models we have a series of browsers pre-installed natively in the browser that help us get our searches as fast and efficiently possible. It is known that companies like Google pay Apple for being part of its software cast, an example is the latest news that warns us that Google pays $ 9 billion this year for being the default search engine in iOS search options.

According to the latest information from Bussiness insider the company of Don´t Be Evil I could have paid this year up to 9,000 million dollars to be the default internet search engine included in the iOS operating system. Enough money, but if we consider that Analysts predict that 50% of Google search traffic comes precisely from devices of the Cupertino company. It is clear that between iPad, iPhone and Mac there are a good handful of users, but we do not know if enough to offer 50% of the total searches carried out through the platform.

Another interesting section is that it Business Insider is that these fees that Google pays Apple for its search traffic are increasingly expensive, from the 3,000 million dollars that leaked approximately in 2015, to the 12,000 million that Google is expected to end up paying to Apple in the next year by these same searches. It is clear that Apple is doing very well this set of loaned breads with Google, and those 12,000 million will not hurt at all to develop devices. Interestingly, the prices of Apple phones far from falling in price, rise.

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