Guide to the use of WhatsApp States: how to take advantage of its function

Yesterday we announced the official arrival of WhatsApp States to iOS, the new feature that adapts the popular Instagram and Facebook stories to the most popular instant messaging application. In this way, another lot of possibilities arises when it comes to sharing in the most rigorous of the direct what we are doing. On this occasion, Facebook has preferred to call "States" what we have always known as "Stories" on both Instagram and Facebook. But the important thing is that we know how to get the most out of this new feature that WhatsApp presents. Stay and enjoy our guide with everything you need to know about WhatsApp States.

We will then review what are the main functions of WhatsApp States and, above all, know what they are for. Do not be left in doubt about how your friend has included that cool GIF, or how he has edited that photograph to make it so impressive. After reading this guide you will not have a single doubt about how it works, that is exactly what we want, so let's go there.

What are the WhatsApp States?

This new WhatsApp feature will allow us to instantly publish photos, GIFs and small videos that will remain static for 24 hours, so that all your contacts can see them, in one of the two new tabs that are available at the bottom of the desktop of the application. We can customize these photographs in almost exactly the same way we did with Instagram. Once the capture is taken, we just have to click on the send button, identical to the one in the text box.

To see the WhatsApp states of your contacts, you just have to go to the new tab of “States”, and users who have uploaded their Status will appear, just by clicking on their photo they will start to play full screen automatically.

How do I create my WhatsApp Status?

Easier impossible, WhatsApp has added two new tabs in the start menu, in the central part we can see a “Camera”, which will allow us to instantly upload a State, or go to the States tab located on the bottom left of the start.

If we choose the camera, we will simply have to press and take the capture as we would with any other photograph. If we give the capture button a light touch, we will take a picture, and just like on Instagram, if we press the button, we can make a small video. We will also have the option to choose any photo of the reel, as if we shared a photo with any of our WhatsApp contacts. It is not even necessary that the photograph has been taken in the last 24 hours, an indispensable requirement in other applications.

How do I edit my WhatsApp States?

Edit is as easy as you could imagine, in the upper right corner we will find the different functions, we will have the typical pencil that will allow us to draw as much as “pixelar” the part we want from the photograph. On the other hand, we will have the option to add text, also in the upper right, we just have to click on the letter “T” and the text box will open, with two fingers we can change the size, drag and even rotate it.

As for the Emojis, we will have to click on the icon that appears right next to the “T” and all the content in Emoji will open to us. The two extra options will be to rotate the photo, and finally the undo button, with which we can correct what we have edited.

How to choose who can see my WhatsApp states?

That prying look. First of all we announce that by default you will only see our WhatsApp States, those users that we have included in our contacts agenda, something like what was previously expected for users who could view our status and our profile picture.

In the same section of “States”, a configuration button has been enabled in the upper left that will allow us to customize the privacy of our WhatsApp States:

  • My contacts: Any States we have added to the agenda can see our States.
  • My contacts except: The best option if we want for example that our relatives do not see our states, we can choose the users that we do not want to see.
  • Just share with: Exactly the same as the previous one, but vice versa, we can choose a select group of users who can see our States.

Another detail about WhatsApp States

One of the most relevant aspects is the fact that We can see which users have taken a look at our WhatsApp States. To do this we just have to go to the States tab and view our own. In the lower central part we will see an arrow that allows us to draw a drop-down menu that will give us those who have seen our states.

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