Hacker attack compromises millions of email accounts

Various mail services have been victims of a hacker attack and users and passwords of millions of accounts have been exposed. According to Reuters, security expert Alex Holden of Hold Security has reported a gigantic security breach that has affected millions of email accounts. To be more exact, the attack would have affected 57 million accounts of the Russian email provider Mail.ru, 40 million Yahoo !, 33 million Hotmail (Outlook) accounts and 24 million Gmail accounts.

On the other hand, the gap also contains hundreds of thousands of German and Chinese email addresses and thousands of users and passwords that appear to belong to US Banking employees, manufacturing companies and retail stores. With all this, it is recommended to change the password of all email accounts that belong to one of the services that have been affected by this attack.

Good time to change the password of our mail service

Apparently, Hold security He learned about the attack directly by the hacker, who was selling the data for only $ 1. Instead of paying, Holden told the hacker that he would post positive comments about him in hacker forums, to which the hacker agreed and handed him the data. About ten days ago, Hold Security began to inform the affected companies of the problem, since the company's policy is to return the stolen data to the affected companies.

Although the affected accounts have been tens of millions, the percentage has been relatively low. In fact, Google has recently announced that we are already more than 1 billion users who have an account in Gmail. The worst part is that many users tend to "recycle" their credentials, so the problem can also be extended to other types of services. In any case, to avoid any unpleasant surprise, it is best to change the password right now.

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