Hide the "notch" of the iPhone X with these new wallpapers

When we talk about Apple's “notch”, many users are not at all convinced of its aesthetics and a good way to hide it is something as simple as modifying the device's wallpaper. In this case we want to share with you a series of wallpapers that are very safe. will serve to hide or hide the iPhone X notch.

It must also be said that they are not only valid for users who have the new iPhone X model, since they are wallpapers that are suitable for any iPhone, yes, the background in all of them is black. In this way, what is achieved is that the top of the iPhone X is concealed and gives us That whole screen feeling.

It is a series of five backgrounds that are used for the iPhone 5 / c / s, 6 / s / 7/8, all Plus models and obviously the iPhone X. The maximum resolution is 1125 × 2436, so they are totally suitable for any smartphone even if it is not an iPhone and that are abstract makes them really interesting for any user.

This series of wallpapers called Darkseries by its author

In short we have many options available to "hide" this tab in the new iPhone model, but personally with daily use I can say that I forget that it is there, so little really bothers. Of course, the funds proposed by Korpai, are still beautiful for have them on our iPhone and use them whenever we want.

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