How designers create prototypes in Apple studios [Vdeo]

Yesterday Apple published a book titled “Designed by Apple in California” which collects the designs of 20 years of products of the company that was once directed by Steve Jobs and today is under the baton of Tim Cook. Jony Ive, which last year became the first CDO in the history of the apple, spoke about this book in an interview with Casa Brutus, a Japanese design firm.

The strangest thing about the interview is that it is accompanied by a video in which we can see Apple's industrial design studio, which is supposed to be secret, and several designers creating prototypes of Macs, iPhone and other apple items. It is strange because it seems that it is a video in the purest Apple style of those who use to promote the company worldwide, and not just for a country. Of course, do not expect to see any secret revealed in the following video.

Video of Apple designers creating prototypes

As in almost all the company's videos, the previous video is narrated by Jony Ive:

One of the things we have learned is the importance of listening. Because as far as we know, the best ideas can often come from the quietest voice. The ideas are extremely fragile. Ideas are not predictable in terms of when you are going to have them or how many you are going to have.

And so over the years, we have actually created a team and an environment that I think increases the likelihood of (having) good ideas and that when they really arrive I think it will nurture them.

I personally understand the words of the Apple CDO. Ive began to be important in the apple company designing for himself and it was Jobs who wanted to hear a silent voice referred to by Apple's chief designer today. What I would like to say is that I hope that better design ideas appear in that design studio than those of creating a holster / battery case.

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