How to activate the magnifying glass mode in iOS 11 and what it is for

Surely you already know this function if you are a veteran iOS user and since your arrival in iOS 1o, the option of activating the magnifying glass and being able to use the iPhone, iPad or iPod as if it were a magnifying glass It is something that many people use, more than we think.

On this occasion, the magnifying glass mode was also implemented in iOS 10 as a native function, which allows the user to use the device's camera to see more closely something written in small print such as the dosage of a medication leaflet. In these situations with the camera zoom of the device can be done, but to remove those more blurred letters It is better to use the magnifying glass that even has automatic brightness function.

What we have to do first is to activate the magnifying glass and for this we turn to:

  • Settings on iPhone iPad or iPod Touch
  • We go to General and subsequently to Accessibility
  • We choose Display Settings and activate the magnifying glass

Now it's simple for those who don't use an iPhone X, since these need to activate the "Virtual Home" button to activate the magnifying glass. We simply have to press the home button three times in a row and then bring the camera closer to what we want to read or rather increase. Once we have it we can zoom in or out with the bar and then press on the central button of the screen as if we were taking a picture, now we can correct even the color or the sharpness of the photo to have a better view of the text that is at the end what we want.

Many will say that with the camera you can do the same as with this magnifying mode officially implemented in iOS 10, but we believe that the native option of the system is much better for this and especially for people who have visual problems is a very good option.

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