How to add an emergency exception to Do Not Disturb mode

Now that I've lived with him for a long time, I don't understand how I could live without him Do not disturb mode. Personally I have it scheduled from early in the morning until the next morning to not receive mentions on Twitter or photos of cats (or a certain black …) by WhatsApp and I activate it manually when I go for a ride with the bike, but that feeling always remains What makes you think, what will happen if they are going to tell me something important?

For the important thing we have two options. The first one is in the Do Not Disturb settings and will allow repeated calls not to be silenced. It is assumed that when they call us 3 or 4 times it is for something important, but I know people who do not know how to differentiate the important from what is not, so that type of people could call us several times to tell us any nonsense. There is another more interesting option that is to add a emergency exception.

Add an emergency exception to Do Not Disturb mode

The emergency exception of Do Not Disturb mode is a bit hidden. What we have in the iPhone settings is to configure a general mode that will work for all contacts, but we can add this exception by taking a walk through the Telephone application. To avoid confusion, we will explain the steps to follow.

  1. We open the Telephone application.
  2. We select the contact that we don't want to block with Do Not Disturb mode.
  3. We touch on Edit.
  1. Next, we slide down until we see “Ringtone” and “SMS Ringtone”. Here we have to decide if we want to always ring when he calls us or when he sends us an SMS. We choose one option or both (one after another).
  2. Inside we have the option of “Emergency exception”. We activate it.
  3. Finally, we play in "Ok". We will have to repeat the process for all contacts that we do not want to block with Do Not Disturb mode.

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