How to add stickers to Telegram

Telegram has become the best messaging platform currently available in the market, especially for those users who have married to express their emotions always through the happy emoticons, instead of with stickers, and not being able to make use of the messaging application through their iPad or directly from their computer.

While it is true, we can make use of WhatsApp through the web version of WhatsApp. both on the iPad and on the computer, both the options offered and the interface are really poor. If you have started or finally want to encourage you to use Telegram, then we show you how to add stickers, one of the main virtues that it offers us with respect to WhatsApp.

Since Telegram arrived on the market just over 2 years ago, this platform has always allowed us not only create our own stickers, but also the number of these has been increasing and now we can find a large number of them directly through the application and outside it. In addition, if we are in a chat where some user has hung some stickers that we like, we can quickly add it to our collection.

How to add stickers to Telegram

Add stickers to Telegram from Safari

Telegram allows us to add new stickers in different ways from the application itself or from outside it. Through the Telegram website, we can find a large number of stickers, all free, to add to Telegram.

  • To add them to our account and make them available on all devices, we just have to click on the stickers link and confirm that we want Open it through the application.
  • Once the application is opened to add the stickers, Telegram will ask us for permission to include them in the list of sitckers that we already have available through the application.

Add stickers to Telegram from the application

  • From the application itself, we can also add stickers to Telegram, but the number of options is not very wide. To add any of the sticker packages available directly from the application, we must open the application and go to Settings.
  • In Settings click on Stickers
  • In this section, we must click on Featured Stikcers, which shows all the sticker packages available directly from the application. We just have to click on the + sign to add it to our sticker collection

Add stickers to Telegram from a chat

  • If we are in a conversation and we see a stickers that we like, to be able to add it to our collection we just have to press on the stickers and hold the finger until it appears.
  • Next, a menu will be displayed from the bottom of the screen, where we must click on Add stickers
  • Before they become part of our sticker library, they will be displayed all the stickers that are part of that package, so that we can assess whether we add it or not. If we have it clear, click on Add XX stickers, where XX is the number of stickers available in that package.

All the sticker packages that we add to the application, regardless of where we are using it, whether on the iPhone, iPad or desktop version, will sync with all devices where we have our Telegram account, so it doesn't matter where we do the process.

How to remove stickers in Telegram

The process to remove stickers is as simple as we do to add them. For remove any sticker pack that is available in our Telegram account, we must go to Settings> Stickers.

At the bottom, in the Stickers Packs section, you will find all the sticker packages we have downloaded so far. We just have to go to the sticker pack we want to remove, and swipe left to bring up the delete option.

Telegram allows us to completely remove that sticker pack or store it to be able to reinstall it later, even if it is removed from the server where it is located.

How to add a GIF to our Telegram library

Another advantage that Telegram offers us with respect to WhatsApp, is the simplicity when storing and sharing files in GIF format, a function that WhatsApp took a long time to implement and that today is quite hidden in the platform.

  • If during our conversations on Telegram, some user publishes a GIF that we like, we just have to click on it to open it to fullscreen.
  • Then, click on the plus sign that is located in the lower right corner so that GIF becomes part of our library.

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