How to add the complete 2018 World Cup calendar to your iPhone or iPad

On June 14, one of the most anticipated shows will begin: the 2018 World Cup. This year it is celebrated in Russia and, therefore, we will have a few busy weeks. Especially if you are one of the Rey sports fans. Now, to have everything under control, it is best to have the entire calendar in full. And where better to take it than on our mobile or tablet? And in this specific case we are going to add the entire calendar of meetings of the 2018 World Cup to our iPhone or iPad.

To accomplish this, and thanks to a discovery from iDownloadBlog, we must enter one of the most complete calendar bases that exists: iCalShare. There we will find important calendar that we can add to our iOS Calendar app. However, this time we choose one that will be updated with each match held; that is, meetings will be added and countries eliminated from the competition as the phases progress. That said, let's go to ours:

As we have told you, the first thing will be to enter iCalShare. Although we will make it easy for you and we will leave you the direct link to the calendar that interests us. However, Open the link from the browser of the device to which you want to add the calendar. The calendar has been created by Jayasurian Makkoth. Now do the following:

  • Open the link from the iPhone or iPad
  • When entering the page, click on the blue "Subscribe" button or subscribe in English
  • The iPhone or iPad will ask if you want to subscribe to the calendar in question. Click on «Subscribe»
  • The 2018 World Cup Calendar is now added to your Calendar app

It will be time to enter the iPhone or iPad app and customize both the name of the Calendar and the color in which you want events to appear in the form of appointments. Ready, from now on you will not miss a single World Cup match.

Note: if you prefer to have a PDF document with all the meetings and print it to have it on hand at your desk or hanging from the fridge, here is the official document.

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