How to create custom vibes on your iPhone

Apple allows us to fully customize our iPhone. We can choose the wallpaper; we can choose the ring melody; what functions we want more at hand in the control center of our terminal; what widgets we want to appear in our notification center. But also, It also allows us to customize our vibrations. And here we will learn how to do it.

Creating custom vibes on our iPhone may seem silly, but if you really compose vibrations that you can assign to specific contacts, It will be very easy to know who is calling you at all times and without having to take the iPhone out of your pocket of the pants. In addition, this is interesting both to know if this call is important or, if you assign it to business contacts, to know if you can really pass it. Although in the latter case it is always best to block contact.

Composing our custom vibes

But continuing with the personalized vibrations, the first thing we should do is compose our own alerts and we will do this as follows:

  • We turn to «Settings» of the iPhone
  • We look for the section that refers to «Sounds and vibrations» and click on it
  • We look for the section of "Ringtone" and we enter
  • In the new window click on "Vibration" which will be the first option that appears
  • At the end of the new screen, click on the option «Create new vibration»

It will be time to put your creativity into practice. The screen that will appear will then allow us to touch our personalized vibrations, every press on the iPhone screen will be a vibration. In this way you must play until you reach the desired result. When you get the composition you like best, click on "Save" in the upper right corner. It will be time to name your personalized vibration.

Assigning our personalized vibration to a contact

Now, the interesting thing – as we mentioned above – is to assign this personalized vibration to the contact – or contacts – that you are interested in having controlled (s). To do this we will do the following:

  • Click on your iPhone contacts calendar – it is very possible that you will find it in the «Extras» folder –
  • Search for the contact and click on it
  • Choose the "Edit" option in the upper right corner
  • Find the "ringtone" option and click on it
  • Inside click on "Vibration" and choose the custom vibration what did you create before
  • Click on “OK” and voila

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