How to customize the Control Center in iOS 11

With the arrival of iOS 11, Apple completely renewed the Control Center, grouping in a single window, all the options for adjust and / or modify the operation of our terminal. So far, the only option that users had when it came to being able to customize what elements were displayed in the Control Center was through jailbreak but thanks to iOS 11 we can customize what elements we want to be displayed in the Control Center,

This new Control Center was completely redesigned and went on to occupy the entire screen of the device, grouping in one place the control of reproduction and the adjustments, in this way, we no longer have to slide the finger on the Control Center to modify the settings or interact with the music player. If you want customize the Control Center in iOS 11, below we show you all the available options.

A large number of options

With iOS 11, the Control Center is divided into two parts: the upper part that is fixed and cannot be customized and the lower part, where we can add all available shortcuts, all of them compatible with 3D touch technology, technology that Pressing lightly on the button will show us the different options that we can find within the application.

At the top we find first the section dedicated to device connections: airplane mode, mobile networks, Wi-Fi and bluetooth. When you press and hold your finger, a new window will open where The details of these connections are shown:

  • Name of the WiFi connection to which we are connected,
  • Name of the device that we have connected by bluetooth (if necessary)
  • The possibility of sharing internet from the device
  • The AirDrop function and how it is set (disabled, contacts only or all),
  • And if airplane mode and data connection are activated or not.

On the right side, the music playback control, pressing on we can control the volume, the track and where the sound is playing. Next, we find the orientation lock and Do not disturb mode, followed by brightness control (where the Night Shift function is located) and sound. Finally, within the fixed sections, we find the function Duplicate Screen, to be able to display the content on an Apple TV, Mac, PC or any other compatible device (as long as you have the software that allows you to add this function).

The bottom of the Control Center can be customized to our liking by adding, if we want all the shortcuts we want, and among those we find:

  • Lantern
  • Timed
  • Calculator
  • Camera
  • Screen recording
  • Alarm
  • Low power mode
  • Notes
  • Guided access
  • Apple TV Remote
  • Chronometer
  • Fast functions
  • Magnifying glass
  • “Do not disturb driving” mode
  • Voice notes
  • Text size
  • Wallet
  • Others

Add or remove shortcuts to the Control Center

To access the Control Center customization, we must go to Settings> Control Center> Customize Controls. At the top they are under the title Include, all the elements that are currently in the Control Center. Inside, we find the title More controls, where the rest of shortcuts that we can add to the Control Center are shown.

For add items to the Control Center, we just have to click on the green circle with the + symbol in front of the shortcut we want to add.

To remove items, which are already available at the Control Center, we just have to click on the red circle with the symbol – inside and confirm the removal from the right side of that shortcut.

Organize the layout of the Control Center shortcuts

If you are one of the users who likes to have all the shortcuts in the Control Center, you probably want to have at hand the elements that you are going to use the most, to always put them in first position, so as not to have to slide your finger on the screen to access them.

If we want to organize the arrangement of the elements on the screen, we must go to the same section of the menu from where we can add or remove the shortcuts. Next, we must press the three horizontal lines that are at the end of the element that we want to move and move it to the position where we want it to be displayed.

Add new shortcuts to the iOS 11 Control Center

The number of shortcuts shown in this section and that we can add to the Control Center does not depend on third-party applications, but rather It depends on the number of applications that we have activated natively. If you have a device compatible with HomeKit and you have it configured through the Casa application, in the list of shortcuts that we can add to the Control Center, it will appear with the name Casa, to be able to add it to be able to quickly access this application to control the smart devices we have in our home.

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