How to disable AutoPlay in the iOS 11 App Store

We keep looking closely iOS 11, And it is less than a month before we access the latest version of the mobile operating system that has made the iPhone so popular and for all audiences. One of the main novelties is the App Store, which among other things has received an important redesign of the logo during Beta 6 of the system itself.

Today we bring you a small tutorial that will come in handy to those who use the iOS 11 Beta, especially those who access the iOS App Store through the data connection. Let's see how to disable AutoPlay in the iOS 11 App Store.

How could it be otherwise, we must go to the iOS 11 Settings application, another that has received a slight redesign as far as the icon is concerned. Once we have accessed the Settings application we just have to navigate or use the browser to find the “iTunes Store and App Store” section. To do this you can use the screenshots that we have left in the header image of this tutorial, easier and simpler impossible.

Indeed, once we enter the “Auto Play Video“, We will have three possibilities:

Here we will leave it to the taste of the consumer, the truth is that as long as we do not have support for Wi-Fi with mobile data, It's not bad that we leave it activated in the “Wi-Fi only” version, although personally it is better to deactivate it directly, as it happens with Facebook videos, and save us the occasional scare in the mobile data rate that we have contracted. And so easy we can disable automatic video playback in the iOS 11 App Store.

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