How to download apps from the App Store on iPhone X

The arrival of iOS 11 and the iPhone X has meant a major change in the aesthetics and operation of the App Store. Apple's iOS app store has undergone a virtually complete redesign in which developer stories and application recommendations are now the highlights. But with the iPhone X as well the way we download applications has changed.

The absence of a start button and its integrated Touch ID sensor means that now to identify ourselves we must use the facial recognition of the iPhone X. The so-called Face ID that is always active is the in charge of recognizing our face and thus proceed to the purchase of the application that we have requested to download. But how do we confirm the purchase to avoid unwanted downloads?

Until now, whenever our iPhone had Touch ID, when we downloaded an application for the first time we had to confirm our identity and our intention to do so by placing our finger on the fingerprint sensor that is integrated just below the start button. In this way the iPhone knew it was us and proceeded to purchase and download without having to enter the password of our account. But with him iPhone X there is no start button, so that facial recognition is the one that recognizes us, something that happens automatically just by looking at the screen, which is normal when we are downloading an application.

How to avoid wrong presses that cause the automatic download of the application? Apple has added a step that until now did not exist on any of the devices: you have to press the side button twice. This simple gesture makes the system know that we really want to buy an application and that it is not a mistake, and the download will start automatically. Apple could have opted for a virtual button on the screen, but has preferred that it was a physical button that made up the purchase. The same goes for integrated purchases.

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