How to eliminate blur on a photo taken with iPhone Portrait Mode on iOS 11

One of the best functions it has in iPhone 7 Plus is Portrait Mode. With this mode the user can make a seemingly normal and simple photo of a person, animal, object have much more prominence, highlighting on a totally blurred background.

The new Portrait Mode is inherited from the SLR cameras and Apple implemented it in a really good way on the iPhone, when you try it for the first time it leaves you really surprised. But Can you remove the blur of a photo taken with this mode active on the iPhone? The answer is yes, you can on iOS 11 and today we will see the simple steps to make this change.

They are three simple steps those who will take us to leave a photograph taken in this way to leave it in a normal photograph without the background out of focus. The good thing about this is that if we then want to reapply the blur in the image we can simply reverse the steps and leave it again as at the beginning.

How to remove Portrait Mode from a photo

It is as simple as accessing the image we have in the photo gallery and following the steps in the Edit option. We go with the three steps that we will follow to leave the image without the Portrait Mode in our gallery. This edits the photograph we have stored on the iPhone does not create a new one, but it is possible to reverse the steps:

  • We enter the gallery and choose the photo, click on the Edit option
  • Once the menu opens we have to click on the Depth option
  • Click on Ok and the changes will be saved

If we have an image in which we do not have Portrait Mode active and it meets the conditions to apply it, It can be added following the same steps we have to remove it. No doubt the arrival of the new iOS 11 is offering interesting details for users who can enjoy using the public beta.

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