How to eliminate the space occupied by iOS updates on iPhone and iPad

Each time Apple releases a new update, it is automatically downloaded only to devices that are compatible and ready to confirm when we want to install. Although we can ignore it completely, some updates consume a lot of space on our device, a device that if it is the 16 GB model, can be a vital space to save photos or videos, as we could see in the last Google ad in which it promotes its Google Photos service using the interface and the iPhone sounds, but not to mention or show it at any time.

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When the installation is ready to install, iOS sends us reminders to proceed to install it, notices that we can postpone continuously until we finally install it. As there is no way to prevent iOS from continuing to send us these notices, all we can do is remove the update from our device to temporarily stop those happy notifications as well as allow us to save space on our iPhone.

Remove space used by iOS updates

This is a temporary solution because when we reconnect to a Wi-Fi network our device will recheck the latest version of iOS and if we don't have it installed it will download it automatically. This usually happens at night mainly, when the iPhone is at rest for several hours.

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