How to equalize your iPhone giving you a better bass response

Apple is characterized by having a first level music service, built into all its mobile devices. Music is undoubtedly a huge focus of the owners of Apple devices. With this it is said that people use all kinds of audio accessories with their mobile devices, whether external speakers, headphones or even built-in speakers.

Everything has its own unique sound quality, but in this tutorial we will show you how you can adjust the bass response on your iPhone or iPad to maximize the amount of bass you hear from your music, no matter what type of audio device you are using with your phone.

Why adjust the bass response?

The music equalization settings on the iOS device are set for balance and clarity of sound in the music, and most people only use that setting because there is absolutely nothing wrong with it and they don't know the how to equalize the device.

On the other hand, some people want more than what they are hearing when using headphones or external speakers, and for this reason, Apple includes an equalizer (EQ) within the configuration of your iOS device, which allows you to precisely adjust what you hear when listening to music or watching videos.

There are a lot of sound settings that you can choose from, but if lower is what you are looking for, then you should focus on the sound settings. bass equalizer, so that you can hear more serious and less acute.

How to equalize your device for a better bass response

If you're ready to add more bass to your music, you can follow these steps to change the equalization settings to increase bass without distorting the output sound. Before starting, it is suggested to listen to some music in the background, so that you can hear how the sound changes in real time.

  1. On your device press on Configuration and open the panel Music preferences.
  2. Then open the option of “Equalizer".
  3. Finally, click on the option “Bass amplifier”In the list of equalization settings.

With this you already have a equalization that will increase the bass on your device when playing music or videos.

If you had music playing in the background as we suggested, you could hear the difference in sound immediately.

This setting puts more emphasis on the bass of the music so you can get more serious and less acute. This does not mean that you have stronger bass, it only makes them more notable by isolating it from the higher tones. With this, don't expect headphones or speakers to sound magically like your high-end audio system, since most of the sound comes from the headphones or from the speakers themselves.

Similarly, you can feel free to experience the other equalization settings, just to hear the differences that occur. Bass equalization on iOS devices greatly improves the sound of the music you listen to, allowing you to have a better response from headphones or external speakers.

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