How to find the definition or translation of a word in iOS 11

iOS 11, like previous versions of iOS, includes the possibility of adding a dictionary with definitions with which we can quickly know what is the meaning of a word. But in addition, it also allows us to add dictionaries from other languages, ideal if we usually read through the iPhone in English, German, French, Portuguese or any other language.

Apple puts at our disposal different ways to access both the dictionary as to the translator of words (not text), so that we can quickly consult the meaning of specific words without having to leave the text we are reading quickly and easily, but previously we must have downloaded the dictionaries in other languages.

Thanks to these dictionary, when we find a word, of which we have no knowledge, while we are in a conversation or while we are reading, we can quickly know the meaning and put ourselves back in context.

How to add dictionaries in iOS 11

Natively, Apple does not include any dictionary to other languages ​​when we install iOS 11, but it offers us the possibility to add as many dictionaries as we need. In order to use the dictionary that offers us to translate words, we have to add the corresponding dictionaries, in this way we will be able to access the word translations without having to leave the application we are using.

To add dictionaries, we must go to Settings> General> Dictionaries. In this section we must select which are the dictionaries that we want to have installed in our equipment to be able to access them quickly without having to download them just in the moment that we need, which can cause our rate to be affected in addition to the consequent Waste of time caused by waiting.

How to find the meaning of a word in iOS 11

Search meaning of a word through Spotlight

In recent years Spotlight capabilities have been enriched, so that today, the iOS search engine is able to search for words in all the applications that we have installed on our device, including documents.

But in addition, it also allows us to know quickly what is the meaning of a word, a function that can come in handy for us when we are in a conversation and a word appears that we don't know the meaning of, something that surely has happened to you on more than one occasion.

When writing the name of the word from which we need to know the meaning, in the first place, iOS will be in charge of looking for that word among the applications and documents that we have installed, which will be The results you show us first. But in addition, it will also show us under the Dictionary category, what is the meaning of that word. Clicking on the word in question will display the full definition.

Search meaning of a word without leaving the application

When we are inside an application, and we find a word that we do not know the meaning and does not allow us to understand the text, if we want to know its meaning we just have to select it. Once we have selected it, click on Consult. Above the text we are reading, a window will appear with the definition of the word in different languages, in addition to Spanish.

How to find a word translation in iOS 11

Search meaning of a word through Spotlight

If we are in a conversation, we are watching television or have heard a word that sounds like Chinese, through Spotlight we can also quickly access your translation (as long as we write it well). To do this, we just have to swipe from anywhere from the home screen and enter the term. Among the results you show us, we select the one in the dictionary category. By clicking on it, We will be shown the translation of the word with the different uses we can make of it.

Search meaning of a word without leaving the application

When reading texts in other languages, we are more than likely to encounter words that we do not understand. To search for your translation without having to leave the application we are using, be it Safari, iBooks … we just have to select it and click on Consult. Then the dictionary with the meaning of that word will be shown above the application, as long as it has the dictionary installed, a step that we must perform previously and that we have explained in the first section of this article.

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