How to free up space on your iPhone without Jailbreak

The space on the iPhone begins to be a real problem for users of the 16GB versions of it, although Apple has already eradicated such storage capacity in its store, there is still a huge amount of users who own 16GB devices compatible with iOS 10, in fact, I would venture to say that they are irremediably majority. So, we are going to show you two ways to eliminate “junk” space from our iPhone, without the need to delete photographs or videos, and that will increase the free storage space on our device. Don't miss today's advice to easily free up space on your iPhone.

We are going to show you two ways, the classic one that allows us to free up space in a simple way and without having to install absolutely anything, taking advantage of the iOS cleaning tools, and on the other hand an alternative method that will allow us to install iCleaner Pro, the tool of iOS cleaning more powerful than we can find.

Free up space on the iPhone – Easy mode

This is the simple one, it will save us having to install content and all the steps, however, sometimes it is not as effective as the advanced mode can be. However, the results are spectacular, I could see myself Grow free storage of my iPhone from 1.5GB to 5.6GB in a matter of seconds, and that is that iOS has its own cleaning tool. This tool was used to run when we tried to download content from the iTunes Store that exceeded our available storage, however, this function was limited by Apple with the arrival of iOS 10 and its new service conditions.

Of course, what we have been able to observe is that this function has been moved to the iOS App Store, something that we all welcome without a doubt. The question is: How can I run the iOS cleaning tool? Simple, go to the iOS App Store and look for the free or purchased application that occupies more space, it is essential that the size of the application is larger than our available space, for example, I used Infinity Blade III with its 3.1GB. Then, the application will start downloading and you will see how the subtitle “on the icons of many applications is appreciated”Cleaning", and that is that it is getting rid of all the junk files, it is working. Let the system finish.

Finally Remove the decoy application you have used from your device and go to: Settings> General> Information, to appreciate how the size of your free space has grown considerably. Fast and easy.

Free up space on iPhone – Installing iCleaner Pro

iCleaner Pro is one of the most popular iOS tweaks, and we have to tell you that it is possible to install it easily on our device without even performing the Jailbreak. For it, first of all we are going to do with the .IPA of iCleaner Pro in the following LINK.

When we have it, we will download the two programs that we will need on our Mac to install it through the cable connection:

Now we start Xcode 7 We will prepare to manage our device, it is important that we have a free or paid developer account at Apple. We will add our account in Xcode 7 following the steps that our partner Luis Padilla left us in his previous tutorial. Now that we have the device linked, we close Xcode 7 and start Cydia Impactor.

We will start Cydia Impactor from the executable file in question, and once it is started, we will connect via USB-Lightning our iPhone or iPad. When I have recognized it, We will take the .IPA of the iCleaner Pro previously downloaded and drag it over the small window. Then we will ask for the Apple account, we can enter it without fear. It will inform us of the risks and install the application.

Now a window will appear on the iPhone to verify the developer, obviously we will click on "Trust" and we can run iCleaner Pro. We remind you that this application will last approximately one week, which will take to revoke the certificate and we would have to redo the same paraphernalia. I hope it has served to free up space on your iPhone.

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