How to import photos from iPhone to an external hard drive using a Mac

Are you one of those who do not save never make a backup copy of your photographs? Don't you use services like Google Photos or iCloud sync? Do you want to have all the pictures on an external hard drive? Well, with a few simple steps — and in a few minutes— you will have a copy of all your photographs on an external disk using one of the applications that come with your Mac computer.

Normally, unless you disable automatic launch, when you connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac computer iPhoto opens directly. If you want to export all your photos to the internal hard drive of your computer, go ahead, click to import. However, if you want your photo library to be hosted on an external disk you must use the application «Image capture» (you can access it from the applications folder or from the launchpad).

Before continuing we will tell you that this function will serve you so much to pass photos to a hard disk such as a USB memory, to the internal hard disk of the Mac, etc. But let's start:

  1. Connect the iPhone to the Mac's USB port
  2. You will verify that the iPhone appears in the Image Capture sidebar and automatically all the images you have stored in the device's memory appear on the screen. Remember that both photographs and screenshots will appear as images you have received by WhatsApp, etc..
  3. At the bottom of Image Capture it will indicate the amount of images you have on the device and the destination of the import
  4. Click on the destination box and look for "Others …". It's here where you can choose the external hard drive you want to use and if you want to import all the images to a specific folder
  5. Once you have chosen the destination, you should only click on the "Import" button and in a few minutes you will have a backup of your images and you can delete them from the internal memory of your iPhone or iPad

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