How to know the intensity of the WiFi signal from an iPhone

If you are one of those who work outside the home or office and want to get the best WiFi signal from the place where you have installed your mobile office, you should know how to look at the WiFi signal strength from your mobile phone. And we'll show you, thanks to an iOS app – it works on both iPhone and iPad – to know in detail what is the best WiFi point to work with.

We will start by saying that if you work at home or in the office, you have few alternatives: you will connect to the WiFi signal that your router creates and for which you are paying. Now, as we told you in the entrance, if you are one of those who like to work in an area outside of yours, this application will be luxurious to always get the best WiFi signal available.

Likewise, we must also tell you that as standard, iOS does let you see visually and without details, what is the quality of that WiFi signal to which you connect intensely. It is that icon that is next to the name of the Network, which depending on the arcs indicated, the intensity will be one or the other. However, It is not accurate information; surely two WiFi points with the same arcs indicated on the iPhone do not have the same intensity if we look at it with magnifying glass. And this is what we will deal with the following app.

Depending on where you live, it is certain that the alternatives to be able to choose an open WiFi point to connect to may even be void. If this is not your case and you usually have more than one connection option, the first thing you should do is download – it's free – the app Airport Utility (In the end we leave you the download link). Once downloaded and installed on your iPhone or iPad, go to «Settings» of the iPhone and go down until you find this new application «Airport». Click again and activate the last option «Wi-Fi Scanner».

Now exit out of Settings and go to the application. Upon entering, you will see that in the upper right hand corner you will be shown "Scan Wi-Fi" – without activating the above in settings this option does not appear. It will take you to a new window and the scan begins. It will be then when all available WiFi networks appear and with details like their intensity or the channel they use. You will have to look at the figure represented with dBm. This figure is negative, but the higher it is – the closer it is to zero – the better its signal will be and therefore, the better your browsing experience will be.

Finally, tell you that once you have carried out the scan and managed to connect to the best WiFi network of the moment, the best thing you can do is disconnect the scan option through Phone settings or tablet. Otherwise it is very possible that you begin to notice that your battery drops in capacity faster than usual.

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