How to know the warranty status of your iPhone through the Apple Support app

Knowing the warranty status of our Apple equipment is very easy. For some time there was the possibility of making the query through the company's support portal. However, Apple decided that the best way was to launch this possibility in the form of an application: Apple support. And we will explain how it works.

As we told you, in this application that you can download for free on your iPhone or iPad, you will have the same information as in the portal that Apple has for this purpose. However, having it in the form of an app will facilitate the consultation and we can make a query of all our equipment – computers included -, since The application works through our Apple ID.

Once you download Apple Support on your iPhone, when opening it we will have to enter our Apple ID – username and password. Although the most logical thing will be that the same team saves this information and you don't have to enter it again. Likewise, you will be asked to activate the location to be able to give you local support, in case you have any questions to ask the company's technical support.

But leaving this issue aside, once we enter, and are logged in with our Apple account, the app Apple support will offer us a card with different sections at the bottom: Discover, Get technical support and Account. We are interested in entering the last option.

Once inside «Account» we will also find different options: Recent history; Check coverage and Change location. Apple also wants you to send it feedback on the use of this application and leaves a box for you to send your comments.

However, of all of them we will focus on the second: «Check coverage». Upon entering this section, you will be sent to a new window where the equipment from which we are making the query will appear in the foreground – in the images that are attached to you is the iPhone 7 Plus. Here we can Check if our equipment continues within the warranty period or not. Meanwhile, you will also have the possibility to check the warranty of all our equipment associated with our Apple ID.

3D Touch Support Apple app iOS

As last data, if we use the 3D Touch in the application icon, different options will appear with which to skip these steps and directly access the consultation of coverage, technical support or our recent history of our team.

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