How to leave the public beta program on iOS

Until Apple created the public betas program of iOS, many were the users who made use of certificates of developers they found on the Internet, to be able to install the betas of the versions of iOS that were about to arrive. Since Apple makes this program available to all users, many users have been encouraged to join and collaborate with the development of betas.

When the final version of iOS is released, being part of the beta program requires that we have our device available to Apple, so that we are forced to install, sometimes, every week, new betas of the next updates, which in the end can be a nuisance for the user, so it is an excellent time to leave this program.

If you think the time has come to leave the public betas program, you should know that It is a very simple procedure, so what will not take us more than a few seconds. Below we show you how we can leave the iOS 12 public beta program:

  • First we go to Settings.
  • In Settings click on Profile and device management.
  • Next, all the profiles that we have installed in our equipment will be shown. Click on iOS 12 Beta Software Profile.
  • Next, click on Delete Profile.
  • At that time, we will be asked for the terminal access code and it will ask us to confirm if we want to delete the profile corresponding to the betas program of iOS 12. We confirm and that's it.

Next, our device will search Apple servers to check if it is found any update available that is not contemplated in the program of betas.

How to join the iOS 12 public beta program

If on the contrary, still you are not part of the public betas program, and you want to start testing before many people, the news that will come from the hand of upcoming iOS 12 updates, you just have to go through Apple's public beta program.

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