How to make AirPlay from iOS to Android easily

Many of us have from an iOS device, to the complete Apple suite, from iOS to macOS, however, there is often some Apple device that escapes us, for economic reasons or because we are not as attractive as those of the competition . It may be the case of Apple TV, with a somewhat high price, we face a clear dilemma regarding Android devices as a multimedia center for televisions. However, here we break the compatibility chain, the AirPlay between Apple devices is a luxury available to anyone, so, we should not give up the AirPlay just because on our TV or tablet we have Android devices, We are going to show you how to make AirPlay from iOS to Android easily.

The case that I am going to comment to put you in a situation, we have both iPhone, iPad and MacBook, however, we lack the Apple TV to complete the Apple environment. Nothing more useful than AirPlay to use as a multimedia center at home, for example, if we have an Apple TV plugged in not only to television, but also to the Home Cinema or the house music, we can put our music from the iPhone and see how it plays in our high fidelity sound system.

All this is set to zero if our multimedia center is Android, either a tablet connected by HDMI to the TV and the sound system, or an Android PC Box (small boxes with Android smartphone hardware and classic connectivity). However, we have a pretty good alternative.

We remind you that AirPlay becomes like ChromeCast, that is, when we want to play content via AirPlay, it is not played by the system from which we sent it, but the receiving system, so, We can browse our streaming video system or Apple Music itself, that when we select AirPlay in the Control Center, the shipping order will simply be given, but we will not consume battery and performance from our iPhone, but from the receiving device. Therefore, once we issue for example a chapter of our favorite series via AirPlay, we can continue using the iPhone for other purposes while enjoying the chapter without cuts or battery consumption.

What do I need to install on the Android device?

The name of the Android application is “AirPlay / DLNA Receiver“, But we must emphasize that we find two versions in the Google Play Store, the“ LITE ”version that will allow us to transmit audio from iOS to Android, and the“ PRO ”version that will allow us not only to transmit audio and video, but that we can also make a duplication of the screen of the iPhone / iPad / Mac, so we will see the screen of our device in real time on the television to which we have connected the Android device.

The LITE version of the application is completely free and available in the Google Play Store, on the contrary, the PRO version, which I strongly recommend, costs € 5.45, also available in the Google Play Store, and I must say that it is highly recommended, worth every penny of what it costs. I will not enter to assess how easy or difficult it is to do with this type of payment applications fraudulently on Android.

Once installed, we consider it Plug & Play, the most basic thing is not to configure anything, the application will start every time we turn on the Android device automatically, however, An important recommendation is that we deactivate the transmission in 1080p which is in beta format, and let the transmission in classic format, we will not find loss of quality, because if the content to be played is 1080p it will reproduce it, however, we will avoid instabilities in the system and it will work really quickly and instantaneously, so well as if it were a compatible Apple device.

How does AirPlay for iOS work?

Simple, to broadcast music, once we enter Apple Music or the preferred music service, we will upload the control center, we observe that next to AirDrop, we have AirPlay, press and the context menu will open, now our device will automatically appear in the list Android, We select it and it works without more. When we play a song it will be broadcast on the Android device, that is, on our television or our high-fidelity equipment to which we have connected the Android device. The system control will be carried out from the iOS device or from the Android, at our choice.

To broadcast video, if we navigate through YouTube and other video portals, we will see a blue AirPlay icon in the time bar, when pressed it will be instantly emitted on the Android device, both the video and the audio, without any delay and in the same quality than on the iPhone.

If what we want is see our Apple device on the screen to which we have connected the Android device, or in the Android tablet to which we refer, we simply use the “Duplication” switch of the AirPlay menu and the screen will appear automatically in real time.

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