How to make screenshots with the iPhone X

We continue to analyze the changes that iOS management has undergone due to the arrival of the iPhone X without a start button, and it is the turn to learn how to use a very useful tool that includes iOS 11 in the system itself, without the need to install third-party applications . The screenshots are as characteristic of iOS as the start button was, and with the new iPhone changes how they are made.

Not only can we capture the image that is on the screen at a precise moment, but that we can even edit that image, modify its size, make annotations, underline or highlight certain areas, use the magnifying glass to increase a specific area and a long etcetera. And all this without having to switch between applications. You We explain step by step how a screenshot is made on the iPhone X as well as many other tasks.

The procedure to capture the image on the screen is very simple: press both the side off button and the volume up button. It is important that the volume is increased, because if we press the volume down, the screen to turn off the iPhone or make an emergency call will appear. Once the capture is done we will notice it because the screen lights up in white and the capture appears in the lower left corner of the screen.

If we click on that thumbnail of the capture (or several captures) we will enter the editing window, in which we can crop the image, use different brushes to draw on it, or insert text or shapes to highlight different areas of the screen. We can also use the magnifying glass mode, very useful to draw attention to an element that we want to highlight. When the capture is ready we can share it on social networks, message applications or electronic creation by clicking on the share icon in the lower left corner.

It is a tool that we use daily for the tutorials that we publish on the blog, and that Any user can use to send important details to other people, or to prepare your own tutorials very easily and in a few seconds.

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