How to manage which apps have access to Face ID on iPhone X

Face ID has been one of the most applauded technologies by iPhone X users. It has a much lower error rate than Touch ID and works in low light or low visibility situations, which makes it a good facial recognition system and, therefore, unlock.

All apps, regardless of their developers have adapted it, are compatible with Apple's facial recognition system as long as they are with Touch ID. This is what Apple has decided, to boost the use of this unlocking system on the iPhone X since, remember, it has no Touch ID. Here we teach you to Manage which applications have access to Face ID and how to disable this access.

A brief review: what is Face ID?

Apple introduced with the iPhone X this new method of unlocking: Face ID It is a facial recognition technology that has its raison d'être thanks to the TrueDepth camera of the device capable of analyzing depth maps of the faces it recognizes, thus obtaining an infrared image. In addition, the A11 Bionic chip helps in the process and in the security of the same since it is protected with the system Secure Enclave

Secure Enclave allows you to store the depth maps in mathematical representations whose access is easier for the iPhone X. In addition, encode and protect system data and the point map evolves as long as a user cannot access the facial recognition system but then enter the password correctly. On the other hand, the data does not leave the device nor is it saved in iCloud, it is stored on the device itself to avoid privacy problems.

To the point, what apps have access to Face ID?

Apple currently forces all apps compatible with Touch ID to be compatible with Face ID since the users of the iPhone X would not have any type of security for the applications that normally used the fingerprint as an unlock or access system, such as apps to manage bank accounts or stored passwords.

That is why there is a space in the iOS configuration that allows access to the apps that have access to the mathematical representation that Face ID elaborates to unlock the terminal, each app will use it in a different way but always with the purpose of protecting the information which is housed in them. To find out which apps have access, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Settings from iOS and then on Face ID and code. To access you will need to enter the iPhone X access code.
  2. In the middle part of the screen there is an option in which you see Other apps, inside the menu “Use Face ID for ”, next you will have the number of apps that access this information

Once inside, you can see the number of apps that have access to the unlock system. If you want to deprive access to an application, simply turn off the green switch to the right of each app. To confirm the action you will have to enter the code of your iPhone. In case you want to give it permission again you will have to return to this section and allow access.

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