How to quickly manage our notifications on iOS 12

iOS 12 has brought many new features in terms of design, iconography and functionality, however, one that has stood out above all for the high demand it caused among users was precisely the possibility of a more intelligent, diaphanous and efficient notification system. This is how Apple launched an intelligent and grouped notification system with iOS 12 that allows us to see much more content in much less space.

We are going to show you how you can quickly manage iOS 12 notifications without leaving the Notifications Center thanks to the Instant Tunning system. Stay with us and discover how you can improve your iOS experience thanks to our tutorials.

Now taking advantage of the 3D Touch features in the Notification Center, or simply by clicking on the icon represented with three dots (…) next to a grouped notification we can at a glance look for new capabilities. Pressing it opens up two possibilities. The third and easiest way to activate it is to slide the notification to the left and click on “Manage”.

  • Notify discreetly: These notifications will be reflected in the Notification Center but not in the lock screen, which will be cleaner and prepared for really interesting content
  • To turn off…: This will turn off all notifications of the application that we want to manage quickly.

There are two quick accesses to the functionality of the notifications. On the other hand, if we click on the Settings button at the bottom it will take us to the configuration of the most complex notifications within iOS. Here we will have the usual possibilities:

  • Lock screen: Choose if we want them to be seen or not on the Lock screen
  • Notifications Center: Choose if we want them to be seen or not in the Notification Center
  • Strips: Choose whether or not we want a strip to show up from above when we receive a notification while using the phone

In the same way we have switches to choose whether or not we want notifications to be heard or to show quantifying balloons above the Springboard icon. Yes on the other hand we don't want to have notifications grouped intelligently we can click on Group Notifications and it will show us three different configurations so that we can adjust the system to our needs or tastes, and it does not always rain to everyone's taste and there are a good number of more traditional users who are not convinced by this new system of grouping of notifications that Apple has introduced with iOS 12.

This configuration will give us several possibilities:

  • Automatic: iOS will take advantage of your knowledge about applications and the operating system in general to offer you a smart notification grouping system based on contacts, priorities or your day-to-day needs. Personally it seems to me the most successful and the one that I recommend the most to the users.
  • By App: This system is the simplest of all, you will group notifications in order of arrival but without intelligent adaptation, that is, you will simply group them in snacks according to the application from which the specific notification comes, but you will be you who should filter the order, because they will show, as I said a few lines ago, in strict order of arrival.
  • Disabled: This would be to return to the notification system in order of arrival, in a list that can become endless depending on the size of the notification or the content inside. Personally I have trouble recommending this notification management system because it seems outdated and especially complex to use.

And this is how we can quickly manage notifications. We also remind you that by pressing hard or choosing the option "erase everything" We can delete all the notifications that are displayed in the Notification Center, a good mechanism to disconnect before taking a nap.

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