How to receive calls from iPhone on iPad or Mac

Apple has always been characterized by offering very simple configuration menus, although, for a while now, they are full of functions that, sometimes, we could not even imagine. iOS allows us to transfer calls to other devices, an ideal feature for We received a call but we are not near the phone.

Thanks to the Calls on other devices function, we can configure which devices are associated with the Apple ID Mass, which they can receive the call at the same time it is received on the iPhone. This function is ideal if we are one of those users that when we get home, the first thing we do is forget about the iPhone and make use of the iPad or the Mac.

In addition to having to be associated all devices with the same Apple ID, it is also necessary that All devices are connected to the same WiFi network, otherwise iOS will be able to transmit the phone call via WiFi.

Before activating this function, we must take into account that every time we receive a call, all the devices that we have previously activated will begin to sound together when we receive a call on the iPhone, so it may not be a very good idea.

In my particular case, I spend many hours in front of the Mac, so it is much more comfortable answer calls from Mac making use of the hands free that directly from the iPhone. This function not only allows us to answer calls, but also allows us to make calls through the iPhone, so we can make phone calls directly from the agenda of our Mac or iPad.

Activate calls on other devices

  • First we go to the menu of Settings and we look for the option Phone.
  • In the Phone menu we select Calls on other devices.
  • Then we activate the switch Allow on other devices and select which devices we will be able to receive calls in addition to being able to make them. In my case, as I said, I only selected the Mac.

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