How to recover recently deleted photos on an iPhone

Did you know you can recover deleted photos or videos on an iPhone very easily? Do you know how much time you have to recover all that material removed from the internal memory of your iPhone? Here we explain how simple it is; where you should go to recover the images and how much time you have for it.

Surely you were not the only one who accidentally deleted information from your iPhone – and when we talk about iPhone we also talk about the iPad or even the iPod Touch, which they all share platform. For some time it is possible to recover those photographs or videos that we deleted by accident or that we do it consciously and then we regret it. What's more, you don't need any backup; The image will be saved for several days.

Similarly, remember that you can always have a copy of your images and videos using services such as iCloud Drive or Google Photos. In the latter case its storage is unlimited as long as we do not use the original quality of the photographs. Similarly they will continue to be saved in high quality. That said, to recover recently deleted photos from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch you must enter the application «Photos».

Once inside click on the icon at the bottom that refers to the albums. When you change the screen, start scrolling down the screen and look for the folder that is called «Eliminated». Once inside you will find all that material that you have accidentally removed or that you would like to recover a few days later because you have changed your mind. You just have to select the image or video that interests you and click on "Recover" from the bottom.

Finally, tell you that you will have 30 days to recover this material. It will remain there, in the "Recently Deleted" folder and will be deleted automatically after this time.

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