How to remove the iCloud Calendar SPAM

Recently many Apple users are complaining about strange invitations to the iCloud calendar that arrive from senders who are completely unaware, such as those you can see in the header image (thanks to @ kepalope87). This is a new spam that is flooding the calendars of many iPhone and Mac users and that is very annoying, because each invitation is a notification in addition to the hassle of having to refuse it. Precisely in this act of rejecting the invitation lies the biggest mistake that can be made. Do you want to effectively eliminate these annoying notifications? We explain the best solution that exists at the moment.

Above all, don't reject it

When you receive a notification of an event that you do not want, it is normal to directly click on the “reject” button that appears on it. ANDThis is the worst of the mistakes you can make, because by rejecting it you are confirming to the person who sent you the invitation that this account is active, and will continue sending invitations incessantly.. Indeed, the invitations are being made randomly, sending them to emails without knowing if they really exist or not, if they are active or not, but as you confirm that this account is valid, you are lost and they will bombard you with more invitations.

First method: create a SPAM calendar

What we are going to do is take those invitations to a calendar that we are going to create specifically for it, and we will name it “Spam”. To do this, enter the iOS Calendar application, click on the “Calendars” button at the bottom, click on “Edit” and then on “Add calendar”. Type the name of the calendar (Spam in our example) and click OK. Now move the unwanted invitations to the new calendar and then delete the calendar. Very important is that you choose the option "Do not notify" when you delete it, or you will be making the same mistake as we mentioned before. The problem is that you will have to repeat the procedure every time you receive a notification.

Second method: divert notifications to email

There is a "more permanent" way to eliminate these annoying invitations and it is to divert those notifications from the Calendar application to our email. Apple allows us to send an email with the invitation instead of receiving a notification from the Calendar application. To do this we must access our iCloud account from the web browser of any computer.

We enter the Calendar application and click on the cogwheel below left. We choose the "Preferences" option and select the "Advanced" tab.

There we have to look at the bottom, in the "Invitations" section. By default the option "Receive invitations to events such as: Notifications in the application" is activated and we must change to the option "Email in …" so that notifications become emails to our inbox. Here we can already use the option to tag as spam so that it does not bother us. The disadvantage of this method is that all the invitations will be sent to the spam of our mail, and if it is a function that we use from time to time it would not be convenient.

Two methods for a provisional solution to a problem to which Apple should respond shortly with the option to catalog as spam from the Calendar application and block the sender. We will be attentive to the movements that Apple of in this regard.

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