How to restore a backup to your Apple Watch

Gradually the Apple Watch has been making a place in our wrists and is becoming an increasingly personalized device, but this assumes that the information it houses is increasingly relevant, and lose it when buying a new one or simply at having to restore the current one can mean having to repeat the tedious configuration process until we already have it as we like it. This does not have to be this way, and passing all the information and configuration from one Apple Watch to another, or recovering it after a restoration, is very simple and fast. I give you all the details below.

What information is saved in the copy

The backup made by the Apple Watch stores almost all the information it includes. You do not have to worry about security as it is included in the iPhone's own backup, using the same measures that guarantee your privacy. What items are included in the Apple Watch backup? The following:

  • App specific data (for integrated apps) and settings (for integrated and third-party apps). For example, Maps, distance, units and settings of Mail, Calendar, Bag and Time.
  • Home screen apps design
  • Sphere settings, including your current sphere, customizations and order
  • Dock settings, including the order of available apps
  • General system settings, such as clock face settings, brightness, sound and vibration
  • Health and Fitness data, such as history and achievements, Apple Watch Training and Activity calibration data, and user-entered data (to back up Health and Fitness data, you need iCloud or a iTunes encrypted backup).
  • Notification Settings
  • Synchronized playlists
  • Synchronized photo album
  • Time zone

What is not included in the backup? The following elements will have to be configured manually:

  • Bluetooth linked devices
  • The credit or debit cards you used for Apple Pay on your Apple Watch. They will appear within the configuration but will not be activated, you must do it manually.
  • The security code of your Apple Watch

How to make the backup

The process to make the backup is very simple: you just have to unlink the Apple Watch from your iPhone. But it is important that both devices, the iPhone and Apple Watch, are connected and close, so that the copy includes the latest data on your watch. Access the Clock application on your iPhone and click on the first option, where your clock appears. Click on the “i” on the right and the option that interests us will appear: “Unlink Apple Watch”

After a few seconds your Apple Watch will begin deleting all the information, but first it will have been transferred to your iPhone. If you have the iCloud backups activated, when the next copy of the iPhone is made, the Apple Watch will be included, so it will be safe. It will also be stored on the iPhone for you to use whenever you want.

Restore the copy on your Apple Watch

If it is easy to create the copy, it is even easier to restore it. Link your Apple Watch to the iPhone, either the same model you made the copy or a new one you just bought, and follow the usual configuration steps. At one point, just after capturing the Apple Watch dial with your iPhone's camera, it will give you the option to restore the backup or set as new. We choose the first one and we will be asked to choose the desired copy (if there are several). Now we just have to wait for the information to pass and when it finished our Apple Watch it was "almost" as we had before.

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