How to see the hidden iOS 12 Weather widget

iOS 12 includes many interesting news that Apple was in charge of showing us in its presentation during WWDC 2018 last June, but It also includes some hidden “Easter eggs”, and one of them is a Weather app widget shown only under certain circumstances.

Although it is easily unlockable, you have to comply some very simple requirements so that every morning your iPhone gives you good morning with the weather forecast on your lock screen. We show you step by step how to get it.

This is a widget that only appears when you have finished a period of "Do not disturb" with the "Sleep mode" active. If these requirements are met, the iPhone greets you with a "Good morning" accompanied by the weather forecast for that day and the current weather. Given the opposite that Apple has always been to add widgets to its lock screen, It is surprising that this function is there and even more so that they are so hidden from the user. It is not an option that you should activate, but a series of settings that you must make so that, only if you meet all the requirements, it appears when you get up.

The first requirement is that the Weather application has access to the location at all times. To verify that this is the case, you must access the menu “Privacy> Location> Time” and make sure that the “Always” option Whatever is marked. Once this is done, we can go to the next step.

We must activate the “Do not disturb” mode to make it work, program it during the night and activate the “Sleep Mode”. With these options active, from the time we have set, we will not be bothered with notifications, and we will not see them on the lock screen even if it turns on. Instead we will see a banner that tells us that the Do not disturb mode is active. Fair when that Do Not Disturb mode is finished, the weather widget will appear saying good morning and prediction for today. You can do the test at any time by simply activating the Do not disturb mode to end within a minute, and you will see the widget just when it is finished.

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