How to sign a document using the Mail or iPad

The mobile is increasingly important in our lives. We always carry it on. And we could say that it is, in many cases, our mobile office. Who has not received a document away from home that needed our signature immediately? Or simply, we receive the document while we are on public transport, on vacation, during lunch, etc. Y It is not impossible to sign it when we get home or to the office because it is too late.

As we have said, we have a computer in our pocket or in our backpack – in the case of the iPad. And if we use the iOS "Mail" application, we can sign the file at the moment. And above all in a very simple way, the main philosophy of this mobile platform of Cupertino.

Before starting the tutorial we will tell you that this option will be explained below only works with documents with the PDF extension; In other formats the iOS Mail menu will not appear. That said, let's continue with the steps to follow to sign from the iPhone.

  1. We will open the mail in Mail from the iPhone or iPad
  2. We will click on the attached document that will appear at the bottom of the email (remember to be PDF)
  3. Next we the document preview will appear and in the upper right we will have an icon of a pencil that we must press
  4. The edition of the document will begin. Now in the lower right we will have an icon with the «+» symbol that we must press
  5. Among the options that will appear in the drop-down menu we will have one that refers to "Signature". Press it
  6. A new window will appear on the iPhone and iPad where you can sign with your finger or with the Apple Pencil in the case of having an iPad Pro
  7. Confirm the signature and place it wherever you want in the PDF document
  8. When you press «Ok», the Mail app itself will allow you to respond automatically the mail received with the perfectly signed document

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